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Work Environment & Culture

Work Environment - Ohio Mutual Insurance GroupThe work environment and culture at Ohio Mutual Insurance Company is most accurately described through the company’s Guiding Principles.

Developed by our associates and leadership, the Guiding Principles describe our “corporate DNA” and are the values against which all company decisions are evaluated. We believe that beyond demonstration of job-appropriate skills, alignment with our Guiding Principles is critical for success.

We value relationships and believe that the quality of our interaction with our business partners and colleagues is what sets us apart in the industry. We believe that we can always do better – while we recognize and celebrate success, we don’t rest on our laurels.

We have a flat organizational chart. There are only a few “levels” in the company, and everyone – from the CEO on down, strives to be accessible, approachable, available, and open to input from any associate. We value candid, open communication, and believe that helps us remain strong and innovative.

We set high expectations for ourselves and work hard – focusing on meeting our customers’ needs – and rely on each of our colleagues to each fulfill his or her responsibilities. This helps us achieve our collective goals and to build a strong, industry-leading organization. We take seriously our responsibilities to our agent partners, policyholders, and fellow associates – and we endeavor to do so in a way that helps us to achieve industry-leading results while also maintaining work-life balance and perspective.

We believe in personal and professional growth, and offer numerous opportunities to help our associates learn new skills. We work hard to achieve excellence, but we also practice flexibility -- recognizing that there are things other than work that we all value and care about.

Corporate attire at the home office is generally “business casual” – you’ll rarely see anyone in a tie, but we do maintain a professional – yet comfortable – environment.

We have fun together – celebrating birthdays, work milestones, and professional achievements (individual and corporate). On occasion, we even have an ice-cream vendor set up shop in the company parking lot for an all-you-can-eat afternoon treat!

In short, we want our associates to get more from their work than just a paycheck – we all spend plenty of time at work, and we want it to be fulfilling and satisfying on every level. We work hard to create an organization that earns a reputation for quality products, services, and customer relationships as well as create an environment where you will enjoy a rewarding career.