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Caring for our customers in times of uncertainty


Caring for our customers in times of uncertainty

The (COVID-19) coronavirus pandemic is one of the most unexpected and far-reaching events of recent times.

We know that a number of our policyholders may find themselves in uncharted territory as a result of this pandemic. We encourage any policyholder facing hardship to contact our Billing Team at the earliest opportunity to explore what options may be available.  You can reach this team at 877.245.2960 weekdays 8 AM – 5 PM.

As a company, we have also taken every reasonable precaution to protect our associates and business partners, while maintaining our commitment to our high standards for customer service. While the working location of most of our associates has changed over the past week, we are still very much open for business -- here is how you can reach us if you need us:

Claims:  888.895.7725
Billing:  877.245.2960
Switchboard:  800.686.3011

Customers can also access many of our services through our website ( and our 360access customer portal (  Your agent is also a valuable source of counsel and assistance in times like this.

We wish you and your loved ones the very best as we navigate through these uncertain times together.