Protecting you from online threats.

As our lives get more connected, we need to be better protected. Ohio Mutual's Cyber Coverage was developed to address the increased risks faced by businesses, individuals, and families who are living a "smarter" and more digital lifestyle.

Cyber Coverage Services

Today’s customers are more connected than ever before. The average household contains five smartphones, and 1 in 5 American households has more than 10 connected devices, from appliances to televisions to thermostats and smart locks.

While the increasing availability of computers, laptops, tablets and streaming devices has enabled people to connect with each other, their home, and the outside world in new ways, it has also increased vulnerabilities to privacy breaches and cyberattacks.

Personal Cyber Coverage

Recovering from cyberattacks can be costly and time consuming, and the effects can last years beyond the initial incident. Ohio Mutual’s Cyber Insurance Coverage includes the following coverages for today’s connected consumer:

  • Identity Theft Expenses
  • Credit Card Fraud, Forgery, Cybercrime
  • Data Recovery and System Restoration
  • Cyber Extortion
  • Cyberbullying
  • Breach Notification Costs
  • Cyber Protection Third-Party Claims

Business and Commercial Cyber Coverage

Ohio Mutual's Cyber Coverage provides comprehensive data security and privacy coverage that addresses both first-party losses and third-party liability claims.

Third-Party Coverages include Multimedia Liability, Security and Privacy Liability, Privacy Regulatory Defense and Penalties as well as PCI DSS Assessment.

First-Party Coverages include Data Breach Event Costs, Network Asset Protection and Cyber Extortion.

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