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Ohio Mutual focuses considerable effort on providing great claims service to our customers. But isn’t it just as important to help customers avoid the inconvenience and cost of having a claim in the first place? Of course. So, we’ve begun assembling a collection of tools to help our customers prevent or mitigate mishaps on the road or at home. Now that’s real value.

Beyond Insurance

9&3 Telematics

Just like learning the placement of your hands on the wheel, 9&3 can help you develop good driving habits — and give you a nice discount as well. The 9&3 telematics app empowers you with insight about your driving habits — including speed and braking — and scores your overall driving performance.

Currently available in the following states: Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Vermont.


ViewSpection is a new way for policyholders to conduct a photo “inspection” of their insured property using a free smartphone app. It saves homeowners from having to coordinate an inspection with an agent or third party, it can be completed in just 15 minutes, and Ohio Mutual even will mail you a check to thank you for using this new tool. As a bonus, the photos can serve as a photo inventory of your property and its contents, should you experience a loss at a later date.

Currently available in the following states: Connecticut, Indiana, Maine, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Vermont.


Customers in participating states who purchase a new homeowners policy from Ohio Mutual, are eligible to receive a free six-piece SimpliSafe home security system and two free months of professional monitoring. This award-winning system features do-it-yourself setup in minutes that provides whole home protection and covers your family with 24/7 police, fire and medical dispatch.

Currently available in the following states: Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, and Ohio.

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