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Auto Insurance

Learn more about auto insurance options that protect you and your vehicle. Flexible coverage and discounts are available.

Homeowners Insurance

We are here to protect the place you call home. Whether that is a house or a condominium, we have you covered.

Farm Insurance

Ohio Mutual has been protecting the unique needs of farm owners for more than a century. Learn how we can help you today.

Commercial and Small Business Insurance

Your small business has unique risks and insurance needs. We offer custom coverage options for a number of industries.


If “home” is an apartment, Ohio Mutual covers the contents and protects you from liability.

Beyond Insurance

We are proud to offer a growing number of products to help safeguard what you value most and reduce the risk of a claim.

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While you can’t prevent life's unpredictable events, choosing Ohio Mutual Insurance means you are covered when the unexpected happens. Discover quality, affordable insurance designed for you — and your peace of mind.

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