Peace of Mind Ahead of Time



Prevention is our policy.

As an Ohio Mutual Member, in partnership with your local independent agent, you now have insider access to preventive products and benefits through MemberPlus. This evolving collection of product offerings is a unique, proactive initiative. It’s a new way of thinking ahead.

MemberPlus offers access to innovative products designed specifically for your security needs. Things like Ting, a small device you use to prevent electrical fires, and SimpliSafe, an in-home advanced security system. Two highly-praised, high-tech security tools that represent our commitment to innovation as well as protection. You can choose the one that works best for your security needs and we’ll send it to you.

This is just for starters. We will continually update the suite of products and let you know when we’ve added something new.



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Contact us today to learn more about MemberPlus and the services available to you. And remember to check back frequently for additional products and services being added.