Claim Satisfaction Survey

Claim Satisfaction Surveys allow our customer service to continue after each claim file is closed. As a company, Ohio Mutual is constantly seeking ways to better serve our customers, and customer’s comments are greatly appreciated.

Each week, a link to an on-line survey is sent to a group of policyholders for whom we have a valid email address, ensuring that we survey policyholders who were served by each one of our adjusters.

The responses are important to us. Each survey response is logged, recorded, and forwarded to the manager of the claim representative associated with the claim. Negative responses result in a follow-up review between the claim representative/adjuster and his or her manager.

The claims surveys are valuable because it offers policyholders a means to voice their opinions and because it gives us valuable feedback to help us improve our customer service. We recognize that not every policyholder may be happy with the final disposition of his or her claim, but we do want to ensure that each of our customers is treated with courtesy, professionalism, and in a timely and knowledgeable fashion.