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Financial Information

Statement of Operations

Financial Information - Ohio Mutual Insurance GroupThis is a high-level summary of the company’s overall financial performance.

Balance Sheet

This is a snapshot of the company’s financial condition, showing the organization’s assets (such as investments) and liabilities (such as funds set aside to pay claims), summarized into broad categories.

Direct Written Premium

This illustrates the sales of the company -- premiums collected by the insurer from policyholders, before reinsurance (secondary insurance purchased by insurance companies) premiums are deducted.

Total Assets

This shows the growth of Ohio Mutual’s total assets (cash, stocks, bonds, and other investments) – these represent the financial reserves of the company, and demonstrate our ability to meet the needs of our policyholders.

Policyholder Surplus

This simply is the amount by which the company’s assets exceed its liabilities – its equity, representing the financial cushion that protects policyholders in case of unexpectedly high claims.

Combined Ratio

This chart shows the percentage of each premium the company spends on claims and expenses. This ratio measures the company's overall underwriting profitability – a combined ratio of less than 100 generally indicates an underwriting gain.